Inspection and Testing​​

  • Civil Engineering Inspection

  • Traffic Engineering Inspection

  • Facilities Assessments

  • Building Inspection

  • Concrete and Masonry Inspection

  • Steel and Welding Inspection

  • Coating Inspection

  • ​EIFS Building Inspection
  • Non-Destructive Testing​

Small Business Certifications

CJ Roberts Inc is a certified small, woman, and minority owned business recognized by many federal, state, and local agencies. Our certifications include DBE, WBE, MBE, SB and SLBE from organizations including Caltrans, CPUC, Water Districts, the State of California, and the City of San Diego.

CJ ROBERTS INC is a professional services corporation located in San Diego, California.

Our focus is on construction management, inspection, and other services that support the successful delivery of construction projects. Our clients include a wide range of private sector business and public sector agencies. We are staffed with highly qualified Engineers, Construction Managers, Special Inspectors, Technicians, and Administrative staff.

Our primary services include the following:

Construction Support

  • Staffing of Construction Managers, Resident Engineers, and Document Specialists

  • Constructability Reviews

  • Contract Administration

  • Certified Payroll Processing

  • Bid Analysis

  • Scheduling

  • Cost Estimating

  • Submittal and RFI Reviews